Pad Ready Sites

The Armstrong County Industrial Development Council (ACIDC) began developing pad-ready sites to become competitive in winning projects with pad-ready requirements. Northpointe, the ACIDC’s largest industrial park, has multiple pad ready sites, ranging from 2 acres to 20 acres. Northpointe is fully permitted, which rapidly reduces the amount of time a business or developer needs to begin construction.  Finished grades of approximately 1% allow maximum use of the pad-ready sites.  All utilities, including water, sewage, natural gas, electric, and multiple sources of independent high bandwidth fiber are located at the curb.  Of specific importance is the integrated storm water management system in place for all park tenants.

  1. Northpointe

    Located in Freeport, PA
    State Route 28 at Exit 18
    19 miles to PA Turnpike
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  2. Parks Bend Farms Industrial Park

    Located in Leechburg, PA
    State Route 66 (adjacent)
    Pad Ready Sites & LERTA available READ MORE >